Eye Exams for Back to School: What You Need to Know

Aug 1, 2023 | Eye Health Info

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It’s that time of year again—back-to-school season! As you prepare your children for the upcoming school year, have you scheduled their eye exams? We know you’re busy, but regular eye exams are crucial for your kids.  In this blog post, we’ll discuss why regular eye exams are important for your children, what to expect during the exam, and how to prepare for a successful visit. 

Why are regular eye exams important for your children? 

Children’s eyes are constantly developing, and vision can change frequently throughout their growth and development. Vision problems can lead to difficulty in reading, writing, and other academic tasks. Regular eye exams can help detect any vision problems early on, allowing for treatment and preventing potential academic setbacks, as most learning occurs visually.  

What to expect during the exam 

During an eye exam, the doctor will evaluate your child’s visual acuity, eye focusing, and eye coordination. They will also check for any early signs of eye conditions or other health issues. The eye doctor may prescribe glasses or contact lenses, and they will advise you on other treatments or procedures if necessary. The exam is painless and usually takes less than an hour. 

How to prepare for the eye exam 

Before your visit, make sure to compile your child’s medical history information, including any surgeries, medications, or previous eye conditions. You should also be prepared to discuss any changes in your child’s vision or behavior, as this information can help your doctor make a more informed diagnosis.  

What happens after the eye exam 

After the exam, the optometrist will discuss their findings with you and recommend any necessary treatments or precautions. Your child may need glasses or contact lenses to correct vision problems, or they may need to start preventative measures for eye conditions. The optometrist may also recommend follow-up appointments to monitor your child’s vision and eye health. 

Vision plays a critical role in your child’s academic progress, and regular eye exams are key to ensuring their eyes are healthy. By scheduling routine pediatric eye exams, parents can identify any potential problems early on and work with their child’s eye doctor to address them before they become bigger issues. At Weeden & Corinth Eye Clinic, we are committed to providing exceptional care for our patients, including comprehensive eye exams for children of all ages. Contact us today to schedule an appointment!