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Are you experiencing regular eye strain, headaches, or neck pain? These symptoms may be due to eye misalignment, also known as binocular vision disorder (BVD). When your eyes are misaligned, it can lead to trigeminal dysphoria, a condition caused by stress on the trigeminal nerve in the brain. The increasing use of digital devices including computers, tablets, and phones can exacerbate this condition. 

Symptoms of eye misalignment 

Symptoms of eye misalignment include headaches, eye strain and fatigue, dry eye, neck and shoulder pain, motion sickness, poor depth perception, clumsiness, blurred or double vision, difficulty reading, light sensitivity, and disrupted sleep. These symptoms can impact your daily life and work. 

Neurolens – a solution for eye misalignment 

At our clinics, we offer Neurolens, a revolutionary solution for eye misalignment. Neurolens are prescription lenses with a contoured prism that brings the eyes into alignment, relieving eyestrain, headaches, and neck and shoulder pain associated with reading and using digital devices. 

To determine if you are a candidate for Neurolens, you can take a quick and simple test 

Then, schedule an exam with one of our doctors at Corinth Eye Clinic or Weeden Eye Clinic to use the Neurolens eye tracking device to detect and measure eye misalignment. The testing is non-invasive and painless. 

After reviewing the test results, our doctors will provide you with a prescription for Neurolens. These lenses are customized to your eyeglass prescription and made of high-quality, durable materials with an anti-reflective coating.  

Even if you don’t normally need prescription eyeglasses, Neurolens can still alleviate pressure on the trigeminal nerve and provide relief from the painful symptoms of eye misalignment. Many patients report significant improvement after using Neurolens. 

Leave the headaches behind! Don’t let eye misalignment continue to impact your life. Learn more about Neurolens and schedule an exam today at Corinth Eye Clinic or Weeden Eye Clinic.